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Springtime in Idaho

This has been an interesting spring in southern Idaho. The reservoirs here are pretty nearly empty and we don't have much of a snowpack. The ditch riders will probably turn off the irrigation water in June. We didn't get much rain this spring, but the rain always came at the right time to grown feed. Our pasture grass is tall and thick, and the trees are full and healthy looking. My bunch grass has never looked better. I have never seen this many birds before or this varied of a collection. Bill Starkey and I put up a squirrel house years ago and a family of American Kestrels live there now. Ravens built a nest, years back, just outside my bedroom window. This year Prairie Falcons nest there. House Sparrows visit the Falcon nest when the Falcons are gone, and I can't figure out why. Mr. Lau said that my Roller Pigeons are the Falcon refrigerator. We have the Western King Birds here as well as doves and quail. I planted every tree on this property and I feel we are blessed to be able to live free and make our own way. I am still working on the old house across the street from Karl Miller Park and the old junior high school. The kids walk by and think about whatever kids think about, and they drop and lose their school papers and candy wrappers as they go. When I am outside, I collect all these papers and read their homework if I have time. I am impressed with what these Idaho kids are learning in school. I found Thomas Paine's Crisis essay: These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot... We have lessons on Lexington and Concord. I would add The Battle of the Bullpens to their curriculum, just to show them what is possible. I think these Idaho students are in good hands, and a bright future is within their reach. It is starting to rain. Life is good.