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Boys and Bears

It rained boys and bears yesterday in Mountain Home. This morning we have fog that looks like coastal fog, but smells like the desert. I was carving a horse for an Inuit woman yesterday, in the rain. I have not carved much lately. TJ called me and said he needs another totem pole. I guess the wood peckers have made a mess of his pole. I went to the farm store in Mountain Home and bought a new chainsaw. Now days a store employee will fuel up your new saw, add bar oil, and take you outside and fire it up to show you how to crank it correctly. None of us are too old to learn. Rez told me to crank it like an old Ford. He spoke in a way I could understand. I remember when Paul Moody and I were trying to crank his old Ford hotrod in the snow, when we were kids. We were in a field somewhere and had a fire going. I had a can of gas to prime the carburetor. I dropped the can, it splashed on me and I caught fire. I panicked and started to run. Paul tackled me and rolled me in the snow. Paul was always level headed. Well, except for that one time he waxed the windshield of his old hot rod and couldn't see anything but glare after dark. Sometimes we see better than other times. Red and I were sitting out by the garden the other day, taking in the sun, and I was throwing the frisbee for Molly. Red mentioned that sometimes Molly could catch very difficult throws and other times she would miss an easy throw. I started watching more closely. She usually caught the throws to her right side, but she would often miss the throws over her left side. At first I thought this had something to do with here eye sight, and then I realized that she might be right handed. Since dogs don't have hands, I suppose we would have to call her right side dominate. I guess I thought this was a trait peculiar to humans. Well, the fog lifted and it started raining again. I thought I lived on the desert. I guess I need to talk to someone. Life is good.