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Hard Times

Last night I was watching a special on Margaret Thatcher. The Americans as well as the English seem to have lost their way in the early 80's. I remember one winter was especially hard. There were a half dozen construction workers at my house with blue prints spread out on the kitchen table. We had pocket calculators, scales, cost breakdown sheets, material take offs and submittals all piled on top. We were desperate men trying to bid some airbase work. In the middle of all this we got a knock on the door, and when I opened it, there stood a couple of colored ladies and one said that they were Witnesses and had come to offer us hope and joy. They sure had come to the right place. I invited them in the house, then saw the two Witnesses' waiting in the car and waved them to come on in as well. When we all got comfortable, the first woman said, "Shall we pray." It wasn't a question. When she prayed every man lowered his head. Most construction workers keep their beliefs to themselves so I had no idea what each man was thinking. She prayed for us, then opened her Bible, read to us and gave us that hope she had first mentioned. By the time the Witnesses were ready to leave, every man had let his guard down and was talking and laughing and sharing stories with the Witnesses. I don't remember if we got that airbase job or not, but I do remember the joy and hope those Witnesses gave us. Life is good.