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Little People

Most Native American cultures tell of a race of Little People. In Crow folklore the little People are called Nirumbee, and are goblin like beings between one and two feet tall with sharp teeth and squat necks. The Shoshone call these Little People Nimerigar, a magical race who are said to kill and eat people. The Little People are generally considered enemies of mankind and their behavior ranges from annoying mischief such as stealing objects or tying knots in hair to stealing children or mutilating animals. In 1932 two gold miners, Cecil Main and Frank Carr, dynamited a rock face in the Pedro Mountains, Wyoming. They found a cave with a small man inside sitting cross-legged on a ledge. This small man, six and a half inches sitting and probably 14 inches standing, was later named The Pedro Mummy. The mummy was x-rayed and found to have been a 65 year old man at his death with a perfectly formed skeleton and a set of sharp canine teeth. These examinations were allegedly certified genuine by the Anthropology Department of Harvard University. The University of Wyoming examined the same body and concluded it was a deceased child. Pictures of the Pedro Mummy appear to be more of a leprechaun than an infant. The mummy was displayed in sideshows for years, then sold to Ivan T. Goodman of Casper. Little Pedro has since been lost. The remains of these little people are often found in caves in Wyoming and Montana. According to archaeologist Lawrence L Loendorf, "The burials, of course, are always sent to a local university or to the Smithsonian for analysis, only to have both the specimens and research results disappear." It would seem the fairies take care of their own. Life if good.

Re: Little People

Native American cultures across the United States are notable for their wide variety and diversity of lifestyles, regalia, art forms and beliefs. Rare to see a native American around us. But many native Americans love Subway Surfers.