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Re: Any info on James "Jim" Phelps?


Looking thru the 1991 US Marine Raider Directory, I found 19 Raiders who live/lived in Kansas. It says your Grandfather was from Coffeyville. Is it possible that he had communications with other Raiders who lived nearby. The closest that I could find on Google Earth was Olathe (Arthur Zebley) and Overland Park (Phillip Schnacke & Edwin Williams). There is a William Vleisides from 3008 W 84 Pl, Leawood, Ks 66206 who was in the 3rd Marines like your grandfather, that is, if all the info is correct. Other towns are, wakeeny, caney, lane, wichita(3), manhattan, winfield, topeka, phillipsburg, burlington, gridley, wathena, leawood, hutchinson. It's a long shot but you never know. If any of these towns are pretty close, let me know and I'll get their names. It would take so long for me to give all of them to you with addresses but not saying I won't. Do you have an outfit or company?

Good luck,

Fred Pepper

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