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John William "Bill" Studer: Midway, Guadalcanal, Bougainville KIA 11-1-1943

I'm a local historian in Baker City, Oregon. I'm writing an article to honor Pvt. John William "Bill" Studer, KIA Bougainville, Nov. 1, 1943. He was on Midway and on the Long Patrol on Guadalcanal. Bill grew up in Baker City. At 5' 6" he must have been one of the smallest of Carlson's Raiders. He was in C Company according to Wukovits in his book "American Commando."

Wukovits includes Studer's poem "Just Thinkin'" in his book, but nothing else about him.

If you remember him at all, I'd appreciate your contacting me.

Gary Dielman
Baker City, OR

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