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Re: PFC James Boudreau - Company D - 1st Marine Raider Batallion

My uncle Evan J. Hansen was in Company D and was killed 07 August 1942 - military records say 'gunshot wound to the chest'. His remains are still on Tulagi island. There's some indication that photos were taken of his remains or his grave, but I don't know how to access these, if they even exist. Wish I knew more about his last moments. I know it's a long shot to hope there's a marine (or marine's relative) who may have known him, but anything is possible. Anyone out there who knew Evan Julian Hansen, dob was Nov 1921; he was from Coulter, Iowa, basic training in San Diego, spent some time in Charleston, South Carolina, then back to San Diego before heading for the south pacific in the Spring of 1942? Sunni L. Reed
San Bernardino, CA.

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