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Mouldy Haylage

I bought 9 big square bales of haylage for my 2 boys earlier in the year,they werent cheap and were organic and meant to be good quality,as they were obviously wrapped I couldnt see them,the first one I opened had some mould in but not alot and I put this down to a one off but now I only have 3 left,one I have opened and had to not touch as it was white and wet inside,the others have all had significant mould on them and are not good quality,containing sticks,leaves and even mud!.I know haylage can go mouldy if left to the air for a while but this is present on opening the bales...would I be entitled to my money back if I contacted the farmer?I am now going to have to buy in more as I cannot feed most of it to them!

Re: Mouldy Haylage

Yes, you should be entitled to your money back/exchange of goods. Hopefully the farmer will agree to this for the sake of good customer feedback. If not, contact your local Trading Standards Office (not sure where you are) and they can advice you.

Re: Mouldy Haylage

definately contact the person your bought the haylage from, they should replace it for you. When I bought haylage quite a few years ago and a couple of the bales had parts where they were mouldy etc the seller happily provided replacement bales.

Re: Mouldy Haylage

Best thing is speak to the farmer. We make haylage and I alwayas say let me know if there is a problem as we take back any bales that have spoilt because our cattle love it and feed is in such short supply and I either replace with haylage which we check before sending or give a refund.

Haylage is tricky stuff to make and best advise is to make a small incision in theh bale before hand and just check the contents as best you can and then apply a 'bale patch' you can buy a roll of them from RFM or Countrywide. It is worth haveing them at home anyway incase birds, cats or even rats make small holes in the wrapping as that can ruin a bale. [:)

Re: Mouldy Haylage

p.s I am always sceptical about 'Organic' haylage, it's normally a bi word for 'Rough'pasture. Our haylage and most commercially made haylage is made from purpose planted lays of good quality Rye and meadow grasses, younger the lay the less chance of any weeds, docks or thistles and as a result less chance of haylage turning or going mouldy. Unless you are buying all your horse feed as 'Organic' it seems a wasted excersise and you are just laying yourself open to buy crap x ( in my opinion ! )

Re: Mouldy Haylage

thankyou if I can find his number i'll ring.I wasnt too fussed about the organic bit it just so happened it was stipulated it was good quality and wasnt too far to pick up.Think i will stick to hay next year!