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2 Men Plead Guilty to Attack on Horse


Express and Star - Wednesday 20th February, 2008

Teens admit horse attack

Two teenagers this afternoon admitted attacking a horse which was left so brutally injured it had to be put down.

Maggie the Piebold mare was chased and butchered with a meat cleaver at Essington Hall Farm near Wolverhampton in April last year.

Today details of the attack were revealed at Stafford Magistrates Court.

The court heard the 19-year-old horse, owned by Davina Bowyer, was left with a five-inch-deep cut to her neck, a three-and-a-half-inch cut on her shoulder and her right leg was broken.

The mare’s rear-leg tendon was also severed by a blow which cut to the bone.

Matthew Corfield, aged 19, of Higgs Road, Wednesfield, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

The court heard Corfield laughed as he inspected the 12-inch by five-inch blade for blood.

Alex Lister, 19, of Olinthus Avenue, Wednesfield, also admitted the charge. Lister and Corfield were due to stand trial today along with Anthony Hinsley, aged 19, of Ecclestone Road, Wednesfield, who had the case against him dropped.

Mr Paul Jenkins, defending Corfield, said he did not accept he was “solely or exclusively” to blame.

It was not a premeditated attack and Corfield had taken the cleaver with him to chop wood to make a fire for the five friends who were camping in Black Cat Wood, he added.

Chair of the bench John Britton warned Corfield he was facing custody.

Mr Ian Hodnett, for Lister, said he had tried but failed to film Corfield and another friend chasing the horse on his mobile phone.

He said Lister’s only other involvement was to chase Maggie around the paddock.

The teenagers will be sentenced on March 13.

Re: 2 Men Plead Guilty to Attack on Horse

Sick Sick Sicko's I would like to say stronger but not appropriate here!!!! I'd like to chase them round with a meat cleaver!!!!

Re: 2 Men Plead Guilty to Attack on Horse

Kathy, I'll join you in that chase!

Re: 2 Men Plead Guilty to Attack on Horse

Owner tells of horse attack anguish

Davina BowyerThe owner of a horse which had to be put down after a brutal attack with a meat cleaver has told of her anguish at losing the pet she loved “like a mother loves a child”.

Davina Bowyer watched from a court’s public gallery as Matthew Corfield and Alex Lister, both aged 19, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal. Corfield, of Higgs Road, Wednesfield, who laughed as he carried out the attack on 19-year-old mare Maggie, faces a possible jail term when he returns to court for sentencing next month.

Maggie suffered a five-inch-deep cut to her neck, a three-and-a-half-inch cut on her shoulder and her right leg was broken.

Stafford Magistrates Court was told a 12-inch by five-inch blade was used in the attack. The mare’s rear-leg tendon was severed by a blow which cut to the bone.

Lister, of Olinthus Avenue, Wednesfield, who tried to film two men, including Corfield, running after the horse, on his mobile phone, pleaded guilty on the basis he was not aware of the meat cleaver being used and can expect a community sentence.

Speaking after the case, Miss Bowyer, aged 47, from Essington, said: “A major part of my life has been taken away.

“I loved Maggie as a mother loves a child. I can’t function day to day knowing the way she was taken away from me.”

Recalling the horrific scene she was met with after being alerted that her horse had been attacked at Essington Hall Farm on April 13 last year, Miss Bowyer broke down in tears.

She said:“She was lying down. There was blood everywhere. She saw me as I ran over to her and she tried to get up but collapsed back to the floor.

“She lay there rubbing her head against me. The vet came and I just hoped something could be done but one leg was completely smashed and an achilles tendon had been severed.”

Davina, who broke in and raised Maggie from a yearling and was with her every day for 18 years, says no sentence is enough.

She said: “I just wish this could be treated as murder because that’s what it is.”

Re: 2 Men Plead Guilty to Attack on Horse

Makes me so angry.
If the victim was human then the punishment would be completely different. Really makes my blood boil as it shouldn't make any difference. The victim is still a living being with feelings and emotions.
Poor poor horse and these evil sick ******** should be hung drawn and quartered. Bring back corporal punnishment I say, better still let the owners of the poor horse have an hour with the swines to do as they please

Re: 2 Men Plead Guilty to Attack on Horse

justice is done

although the media change the story every report... a bit unconvincing