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Re: Sailing down the Tyne

Would this be suitable for Drascombes, I wonder? I can get the mast down fairly easily - and carry an outboard as standard. If so, count me in.

Re: Sailing down the Tyne

The place to launch from is the large slipway, north side of the river, the entrance is directly opposite the Newburn riverside visitors centre. The gate is normally locked and a notice says to contact the leisure centre so I spoke to a guy called Jason Carroll(he runs water activities at Whickhope). He was extremely helpful and said it wouldn't be a problem at all. Had a look at Newburn bridge - the Wayfarer mast is 6.88 metres long ..hmm..could be the first shoot! Jason also advised contacting the Port of Tyne.

Re: Sailing down the Tyne

Sounds like fun but I couldn't do it in the gp as I can't swing the mast. Happy to crew for someone though.

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