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Windsurfing Freestyle Competition

We are hoping to arrange a small freestyle competition on the Saturday Regatta, it will be in the late afternoon, probably 3pm to 4pm ish.

It will be simillar to that seen on the recent windsurfing course, though the exact format is yet to be finalised.

All those interested in taking part please let me know by email or text to 07772043420. All those interested in watching please come along and support the event, which is the first windsurfing event in many years at Kielder.

Re: Windsurfing Freestyle Competition

How good do you have to be to take part? and what is freestyle? Like a race where you can use any style, or is there more to it than that?


Re: Windsurfing Freestyle Competition

You don't need to be very good!
The way it works is that you get a couple of minutes (probably in the bay weather permitting!) to do as many 'tricks' as you can. These might include dragging your foot in the water, doing a 360 with the sail or a pretty tack or something.

Essentially points will be given for how cool you look. I am hoping my new trick of 'wobbling while standing on the board and occasionally overpowering, dropping the sail and then falling off' goes down especially well.......

So you don't need to be good - its more for fun!

Re: Windsurfing Freestyle Competition

Oh that sounds fun Vicky! Especially as I think I can do your trick too!
I'll give it a go then. Should be good for a laugh anyway.

Re: Windsurfing Freestyle Competition

I am on for it.

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