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I will be turning this forum off in April - please use the link from the KWSC website to use the new embedded forum. Thank you.


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Re: Kyles of Bute 2011 Photos

Sent you a FB message Vicky....

Re: Kyles of Bute 2011 Photos

Please use your username and password to log in to the Members' Only part of the KWSC website so you can see all the items you have acccess to as a member.

If you have lost the email with your username and password just email me and I will tell you your username. When you go to the log on screen you can request your password which will be sent automatically to the email address that I put into the system originally.

Many thanks


Re: Kyles of Bute 2011 Photos

You should be able to get onto the site by going from What's On - Club photo gallery - lookc, go here. This will then open up the lookc site to which you enter your name and the password.

Re: Kyles of Bute 2011 Photos

Having lost my login, I tried pasting the "verification token" into the box provided, but it repeatedly rejects it. What more can I do? I'm sure last time I went on the photo site it was accessible from the homepage. Why is it necessary to bury it in the members' area when you need to log in to access it anyway?

Re: Kyles of Bute 2011 Photos

There are 2 ways of accessing the photos. One via the members area with your login and password (well worth visiting as there is other info there too). The second is to click on the Sailing tab and then the cruising at KWSC then the link in the first paragraph to picture site.
The idea was not to hide them but to make them not quite so easy for anybody to access.
Let me know if you have any further problems.

Re: Kyles of Bute 2011 Photos

Finally got in and uploaded our photos from the meal!!

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