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America Attacked

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, America was attacked and our freedom was attacked. As the days pass, we honor and praise the victims, rescuers, fireman, police, Americans who helped with trying to rescue those from the World Trade Center and Pentagon as well as those who throrted the Hi-Jackers attempt in Pittsburgh. Now is the time to stand up and show your American Spirit.

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Re: My symphaties with you

Dear Eva-Maria, I can totally relate to your feelings. I, too, am not American (I live in Germany) - but when I turned on the TV on September 11th and saw the coverages of the disaster, it broke my heart. And just like you, I thought it is a nightmare, and I waited to wake up from it. I thought, "This is too unbelievable to be real..."

Well, I just wanted you to know that I share your thoughts, and I think this is a wonderful website here. I'm here for the first time today and when I discovered the forum, I thought I should leave a message.

God bless America and all people with good hearts.



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I'm not American, but my symphaties and thoughts and prayers are with you. The horrible events of the 11th September touched me deeply; When I watched them at TV I was crying and trembling - I feeled as if everything were a really terrible nightmare... from whitch I wished to wake up to a better reality...

I'm praying for you with all of my heart: God bless America!

City where you live.... Weilmünster/Germany

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