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America Attacked

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, America was attacked and our freedom was attacked. As the days pass, we honor and praise the victims, rescuers, fireman, police, Americans who helped with trying to rescue those from the World Trade Center and Pentagon as well as those who throrted the Hi-Jackers attempt in Pittsburgh. Now is the time to stand up and show your American Spirit.

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Just remember the anger/hurt you feel right now. As time passes and people (peacemongers) work their fuzzy li'l thoughts on your brain every time you turn around and it tends to soften you. God knows I don't want a war, but I also don't want us to relent and let "them" think they can do anything to us they want w/o retaliation! The peacemongers are at work, not a day goes by that I don't get some e-mail asking to not be angry, and we should talk to them and work something out (or words to this affect). The time for talk has passed! Talk to the Taliban? You think they'd listen or agree to anything we'd say? Just remember. Just think of the innocents killed by the thousands, think of the orphaned children this has caused in D.C., NY, and from PA. REMEMBER!!

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