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I would not waste my time.

I won't waste my time on the feckless, fatuous fanatics that have the intelligence level of a half-witted house brick any longer. You were born ignorant and that is what you will remain for the rest of your lives.

Re: I would not waste my time.

Goodbye. Stooping so low as to give childish nicknames isn't a great barometer of intelligence either in my book. As I said in my previous email "give us your real name or shut up". You have OBVIOUSLY taken my advice and proceeded to do the latter. Anyone who gives out abuse under a pseudonym is spineless. To accuse me of slander because I rendered your sayings as vitriol is ridiculous - and you caught yourself out when you told me I was apportioning the blame on someone else - apportioning the blame meaning you know full well that you (whoever you are) were in the wrong. Go away little boy.

Re: I would not waste my time.

Okay Nigel, I'm sure your not-at-all-fanatical presence will be welcomed elsewhere; perhaps at some forum celebrating Maurice Deebank's oh-so-extensive canon. Oh hang on, there isn't one is there? Wonder why?

Being the half-witted house brick you kindly compare me (amongst others) to, I think I'll take a leaf out of your book and go claiming that Keith Morris was the driving force behind the ENTIRE career of Black Flag or something similarly bizarre, then resort to name-calling and borderline hysteria when eyebrows are inevitably raised. Give my regards to Maurice by the way!

Re: I would not waste my time.

"Give my regards to Maurice by the way!"

He will. In the mirror.

Re: I would not waste my time.

Maurice's extensive canon outside Felt reads as follows:

Inner Thought Zone LP in 1983 - extra tracks recorded in 1990 included on the CD reissue

2 track demo tape with a band called "Soft Explosion"

Guitar on "Paper" by St Etienne - 1992.

That's it.

Re: I would not waste my time.

Exactly, Lee, exactly. Which goes some way to explaining why there's no Maurice Deebank forum around for him to hold court on. Hence the bitterness.

Re: I would not waste my time.

How did that old song go?

"I knew you when we were at school, You knew nothin then, Then when you left the band, You knew nothing again" !

Ta-ta, Maurice. Shame you couldn't hang around - sounds like you have a tale or two to tell!

Re: I would not waste my time.

Farewell, Nigel, I for one am happy to see you leave. Everybody, Nigel's leaving! Let's celebrate!

Re: I would not waste my time.

Dont leave us Nigel, this site has been lively for the first time ever, we'll miss you really. If you toned down the pomposity a bit and stopped attacking everyone who happened to defend the legend that is Lawrence then i'm sure it could be a great forum at last.

But could you please take beck that horrid charector slur in saying that Lawrence is a dirty red Man U fan, I'm sure he's West Brom, Jeff Astle fan wasn't he?

Oh and how much longer til that new cd and film, we get a trickle every 5 years now, it used to be one a year!!!

Oh and for the record, my fave Felt period was 1986-87, but the Stagnant Pool is the greatest song ever so Maurice will always be a legend in my eyes too and its a shame he never did much in music again.