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Re: Hello everyone

This little back and forth made me laugh

You are right about Jamie from Marion . I was a fan of both LPs and they were quiet good live,
Jamie was quite the looker, for a couple of minutes. Its a shame what happened to him. A real state

He has been a laughing stock for about 20 years now.

Anyway, could you let me know what book you that was referenced ?

Lastly do any of you know where i can get a a copy or a file of lawrence of belgravia, I used to have it but my hardrive broke with all my files on .

It would really help .
I loved Felt, since the 90s. I wasnt as in to Denim although , although i liked it well enough .

Re: Hello everyone

Hi Alie

The book is this one - http://www.saintetienne.com/felt-the-book/.
I'd forgotten the title, but it turns out that I was pretty much on the money just by calling it 'the book'.
I didn't buy a copy at the time and regretted it later. All one thousand copies sold out rapidly and I have one seen one for sale since, at a vastly inflated price.

There was a much more affordable, but equally rare book published - again I can't remember the title off the top of my head, but I did have the sense to buy that one at the time. When I'm home I'll find out the name and authors, but currently away for a few days.

I can't help you on the files front. The link to Lawrence of Belgravia that was posted on here a while back had expired by the time I spotted it.