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Re: Hello everyone

Hello Nick

Great to see you here.

Some questions from me if I may:

1) How (in)accurate is this discography: https://www.discogs.com/artist/438671-Nick-Gilbert
2) Did you see the interview with Maurice Deebank that surfaced a couple of years back. It was fascinating stuff, wondered what your take was
3) Were you at the Q&A/screening/book launch at Rough Trade - I think someone mentioned you were, but it was a long time ago. I still regret not taking up my wife's offer to buy me a copy of the book
4) Are you doing anything/did you do anything special for your 60th?! (Belated?) happy birthday!!


Re: Hello everyone

Hi Matt
Thanks for your questions
The discography is accurate except that sorry to say I was not in Marion.
Maurice’s interview was ‘interesting’, maybe be a little on the pretentious side.
No, I wasn’t at the Rough Trade Q&A but I was at the Birmingham screening of Lawrence of Belgravia.
The books nice, Lawrence sent me a copy.
He sends me most of his stuff, probably to keep me quiet
Thanks for asking about my birthday. Had a nice time with my family, bigger event planned in July. Just deciding how much I want to / can be bothered to wind up Lawrence.
Only joking, he’s my mate.

Re: Hello everyone

Hi Nick

Thanks for the reply:-)
No further questions your honour!

I think you may have dodged a bullet not being in Marion. I was at the reformation gig in London, having been a big fan first time around. Sadly, Jaime (the singer) came across as beyond repair. He has had well documented (self inflicted) health issues, and it wasn't particularly comfortable watching them. Nothing he did or didn't do, just a stark realisation of how good they could have been.

Re Maurice's interview, I thought he came across as a pretty serious man. No real surprise there, but fascinating to hear from him after such a long silence. And yeah, a bit pretentious it was! All adds to the mystery!


Glad you enjoyed your birthday, you should definitely treat yourself to winding up a mate ;-).

Re: Hello everyone

This little back and forth made me laugh

You are right about Jamie from Marion . I was a fan of both LPs and they were quiet good live,
Jamie was quite the looker, for a couple of minutes. Its a shame what happened to him. A real state

He has been a laughing stock for about 20 years now.

Anyway, could you let me know what book you that was referenced ?

Lastly do any of you know where i can get a a copy or a file of lawrence of belgravia, I used to have it but my hardrive broke with all my files on .

It would really help .
I loved Felt, since the 90s. I wasnt as in to Denim although , although i liked it well enough .

Re: Hello everyone

Hi Alie

The book is this one - http://www.saintetienne.com/felt-the-book/.
I'd forgotten the title, but it turns out that I was pretty much on the money just by calling it 'the book'.
I didn't buy a copy at the time and regretted it later. All one thousand copies sold out rapidly and I have one seen one for sale since, at a vastly inflated price.

There was a much more affordable, but equally rare book published - again I can't remember the title off the top of my head, but I did have the sense to buy that one at the time. When I'm home I'll find out the name and authors, but currently away for a few days.

I can't help you on the files front. The link to Lawrence of Belgravia that was posted on here a while back had expired by the time I spotted it.