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Re: My Felt Bootleg Collection Online - Any Ideas?

Ça-Va Xavier? Of course I remember you and well. And your work.

As we speak, I'm uploading a Soundcloud and a Bandcamp page with Felt Bootlegs.
Next week I'll be out, but I hope I can upload a good part of them.
Bandpage is a great platform, but doesn' allowed MP3 uploads, and that's my main archive file extention. Suggestions?

I got the Felt mailing list functioning again. It seems fans were not receiveng my previous emails. And I'm trying my best to get my Tribute Site in place.

Curiously yesterday I checked the site


expecting for news, because the book was to be released in 2020 right?

Do you have any input on this? is it going to be a bilingual book...or published only in french?
I get along reading french, but I guess most fans don't.

Gimme a week or so Xavier. And if you have a hint were to put my archive online (besides those 2 sites), please share.

À tout à l'heure,