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Felt Tribute Site is Down (alternative https://felt-tribute.webs.com/index.html)

Hi everybody.
i didn't know if you noticed, but the page at feltribute.xyz is off and it will stay that way.
I've been paying for a website for the last 2 years, but I need a more resourceful solution. And cheap.
i need to pick all my stuff and transform it into a wordpress (or related) site. And not a html site like the one I have. Each time I want to input new info I have to open the HTML editor, edit info, upload photos and individual files.

For the time being I'm here: https://felt-tribute.webs.com/

And thanks for your tips regarding music sharing sites.

Bandcamp doesn't allow mp3 format and mixcloud only doesn't allow multiple tracks.
Most of my repositorium are multiple mp3 files. So....

Right now this is the best solution

After 4 uploads....no more free space...


Re: Felt Tribute Site is Down (alternative https://felt-tribute.webs.com/index.html)

thank you so much Rui