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Re: I’ve worked with three musical geniuses Maurice Deebank and Martin Duffy in Felt and now Terry

We live in Scotland, near Glasgow, and we go to see GKM when they play anywhere from the north of England upwards. Train, hotel, lose the kids for a night (a rare treat, no grandparents) and off we go, first class if we can get it cheap enough.

I love to see the whole band but my wife goes to see Terry jump around his keyboards and vocoder. What a terrific showman he is and his YouTube channel is an absolute pleasure to watch.

Felt and the first Denim album, I can pretty much take them or leave them (I await the rotten fruit treatment), but when Lawrence teamed up with Terry something special happened. Then again, I was always a sucker for a novelty record because I grew up in a house where dad's record collection was Beatles, Wings, John Lennon, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd's later stuff and Mouldy Old Dough by Lieutenant Pigeon. I must've played the Pigeon record to death because I sure as **** wasn't listening to any of the rest of it. (For f*ck sake, he had Mary Had A Little Lamb by Wings!)

Too much info, but it was meant in good humour!