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Question About the Forum

I've noticed that we can only access 20 pages of forum posts, going back to 2010. This means that many old posts seem to be gone, including much of Nigel's Felt history.

I'm guessing this is happening because the system has a cutoff at a maximum number of pages/posts or at some date.

Rui, is there any setting you can change to extend this and prevent further deletion of the contents here? Or is this just how the Bravenet forum works and we are stuck with it?

It's a shame to lose the old discussions.

Re: Question About the Forum

Hey Robert, it's Rui.
Many many thanks for your post, it's totally relevant and important.
So I checked out the settings and the Forum has a limit of 1000 posts (replies included I believe). And luckly you mentioned it, because we were on the verge of loosing some precious Nigel Silver posts and comments.
So I deleted some 50 posts, mainly update info, old news and in a few days I'll clean some more.

Thanks for the tip, I'll pay attention for now on


Re: Question About the Forum

I'll see about archiving some of the relevant posts so that they don't get lost for good.

Re: Question About the Forum

And that's magnific JL!

Re: Question About the Forum

Most of the posts dating back to late 2010 and early 2011 are now archived, and the rest will follow, so we're not in any danger of losing them. You can access them here in case they ever disappear from the site: