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Re: Sounds Article from 1989

LAWRENCE GIVES the haziest sketch of his future plans, mainly because he doesn't seem that sure of them himself.
He'll maintain a musical career and seems set for a swing to styles way more mainstream that Felt's understated mood.
His long-time foil, Felt sticksman Gary Ainge, has recently bought an old Glitter Band drumkit and put the finishing touches to a musical based on those cheerful pearly kinds and queens.
Real classy stuff, say Lawrence, before hinting at his own future.
"I may go away and learn my craft. That's something I've always ignored in the past and always despised with that naive '77 tunnel vision. Now Gary's taking musical lessons and hopefully I'll have some as well. You cant write a story unless you know the alphabet.
"It's the end of the band and I fell like I'm beginning all over again. All I've got is a bunch of records and books and they're all in storage. I've got a bag with a few clothes and I don't know where I'm going.
"I suppose we haven't done much in the scheme of things – just ten albums. But for me it's been a success, although at the moment it hasn't been any sort of commercial success.
"I think the future'll take care of that, though. I'm sure there'll be a new generation that'll pick up on the band. But I know that's the way it'd be, right from the start."
There is no hint of levity in his voice. In Lawrence's mind at least the plan was that infallible.