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Re: Second five albums due for reissue

I'm against reissues in general. I hated it when Swans reissued White Light.Of course, I bought the last round of Felt reissues, but that was more of a question of availability.

But are any of these reissues worth it? I mean, really worth it? I object to ******* around with tracklisting, but if I get to hear something really different from the tracks that are already engraved on my brain then I may just go for it.

Re: Second five albums due for reissue

The reissues are very much worth it for anyone who wants to buy Felt records in 2018.

For those of us who are already fans, two of the albums are worth checking out... The remixing on Ignite the Seven Cannons has uncovered layers of instrumentation you may be surprised to hear. And the changes to Pictorial Jackson Review have re-made a lesser album into something arguably better.

Re: Second five albums due for reissue

I doubt very much that it\\\\\\\'ll be an unreleased song. I\\\\\\\'m pretty sure Lawrence has gone on record a few times saying that there is no unreleased Felt stuff. It\\\\\\\'ll more than likely be a song we already know but with its name changed.

Has anyone who bought the first 5 CD boxes changed their mind about getting these 5? I have!
I've long thought that they were overpriced, and that the CD+7" combo, with the vinyl albums only available as standalone products is a mismatch. Should have been vinyl box sets with the the posters, badges etc, and CD versions of the albums available on their own for about a tenner.

But I saw the first five boxes in the Notting Hill Music Video Exchange a couple of weeks back for £18, and I'd got £40 in exchange for what I was offloading, so I picked up the first four (I don't like Snakes/17th Century, no amount of remastering will change that).

They are all very nice to own, but there's nothing to make me think I should buy any more of the series. Actually found it quite galling that the Mexican Bandits 7" is two songs on vinyl that are also on The Splendour of Fear (same versions as far as I can tell).

The remastered albums sound great, but not to a point where it would change my mind about any one song or album. I didn't think they sounded bad before.

I had forgotten how much I like Strange Idol, and Crumbling wasn't as good as I remembered.

The best of the singles was My Face is On Fire, which I'd only previously owned as an MP3 (from this site?). And that was paired with The Splendour of Fear, which is by far my favourite Felt album. If I lost them all, that's the only way I'd replace like for like (and even then I'd baulk at the price)