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Kevin Keegan perm

Did we ever get to hear from Nigel Silver about the man with the Kevin Keegan perm alluded to here: http://pub27.bravenet.com/forum/static/show.php?usernum=2284341502&frmid=34&msgid=961292&cmd=show?

Without getting my hopes up, I for one would like to hear about it.

Re: Kevin Keegan perm

Presumably that's a reference to Tony Race, an early Felt drummer removed from the band by Lawrence allegedly because he had curly hair (you'd have thought that, as a Television fan, Lawrence would've been fine with Race's hair, given that the head of Television's drummer Billy Ficca was similarly crowned with curls). At any rate, it's nice to think that MD would stand up for Race in the face of such pernickety behaviour. Kismet, of course, was to be dished out to Lawrence only a short while after this, in the form of early onset hair loss!

Re: Kevin Keegan perm

From the Nick Gilbert interview that came with Absolute Classic Masterpieces:

We liked the sound at the time, but to get a better sound I started playing bass. We had another drummer but Lawrence was never keen on the way he looked, which was typical Lawrence.
Tony Race, the temporary drummer, got kicked out. His curly hair was definitely against him. He wanted to talk about football in the Sounds interview, which wasn’t the done thing. That was when Gary joined. Gary fitted the bill better than Tony.

And this from a friend of Tony, commenting at Adrian Denning's Felt reviews:

I came across your site looking for info on Felt, and just wanted to confirm first hand the Felt/Tony Race/curly hair story, as Tony's an old mate and yes, it's all true! The adjuncts to the story are that Tony's also a mad football fan and talked about it all the time, much to Lawrence's disgust, and in addition Lawrence absolutely hates cymbals on drumkits, and forcibly removed them from Tony's kit, which went down as well as you'd imagine.

Re: Kevin Keegan perm

"Tony's also a mad football fan and talked about it all the time, much to Lawrence's disgust".....I'm not sure about the level of Lawrence's interest in football but I know from more than one source that he has supported Man Utd. Met up with him tonight after the St Etienne gig - he's been DJ'ing with them for the last couple of nights and he loved it!

Re: Kevin Keegan perm

Yeah he talked about liking Man. Utd and George Best etc. in the film.

Re: Kevin Keegan perm

Interesting stuff, thanks all. This site is a mine of fascinating information as ever.

Lee, what do you get in a Lawrence DJ set? The sort of thing that crops up on GKM sleeves, or anything recognisable?

Re: Kevin Keegan perm

Some electronic stuff - others I can't remember because I was too busy chatting with my mate and supping the odd beer - but the one that really stuck out for me was the original Roger Whittaker version of "New World In the Morning"