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Felt / Go-Kart Mozart T-shirts

Cherry Red are issuing a Felt and a Go-Kart Mozart T-shirt from September 1st and these are available to pre-order now.

You can check Lawrence modelling these out on the Cherry Red website.

I bought a 'Me and a Monkey on the Moon' T-shirt at the final Burberries show but I have no idea where it is now. In fact the other two people I've ever spoken to who also owned one of these t-shirts have also lost them.

Only 100 were ever made so there's probably 3 still actually in someone's known hands!

Anyhow, should you fancy a Felt or GKM t-shirt then you can soon have one....

Re: Felt / Go-Kart Mozart T-shirts

I've still got mine!

Re: Felt / Go-Kart Mozart T-shirts

I left a bag on a train and despite various attempts I never got it back. My "Me And A Monkey On The Moon" T-Shirt was inside!

Re: Felt / Go-Kart Mozart T-shirts

I bought the long-sleeved one.......outgrew the size long ago and probably donated it to an Oxfam shop or something.

Re: Felt / Go-Kart Mozart T-shirts

I think they were all long sleeved - I remember the logo was printed on the elbow as well as on the front.