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Re: Is 'Lawrence' his surname?!

Yes, it was McCullough who awarded them with Single of the Week.

When did the surname start to slip out?

That\\\'s a good question... I\\\'m sure there must be something earlier but the New Musical Express article \\\"Look Back in Wrangler\\\" from 1996 explicitly exposes Lawrence\\\'s surname.

(Links to this piece in the Articles section seem to be broken so here is the text.)
Thanks for the link to the Tumblr site - is it yours?

I was going to post a message to here asking if anyone had the full NME 1986 interview, the scan linked from this site only seemed to be some of it, and I was never sure how much was missing.

Loads it turns out.

So that was a nice surprise and a good read on the way home last night:-)

Re: Is 'Lawrence' his surname?!

Acording to this:

Lawrence used the stage name Jon Lawrence, probably for a time, then dropped "his" first name.