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Ignite the Seven Cannons remaster/remix


Just giving this a spin. It's a fascinating listen: as promised, much of the Cocteaus-esque 'ethereal swirl' has been toned down, along with the keyboards, and the vocals, lead guitar and drums brought more to the fore. My Darkest Light Will Shine and Black Ship In The Harbour sound the most different to my ears. Their sound is more like what you'd associate with The Strange Idols Pattern. I like the different approach to it. It feels like a different album. I must confess to some relief that Primitive Painters has been left in their original state.

Strikingly different. Lawrence's capacity to spring a surprise goes on!

Also I love having this on vinyl but would have liked the bonus 7" too!

I think I need to listen to it a few hundred more times to work out what to make of it all.


Re: Ignite the Seven Cannons remaster/remix

I agree with all of that. I think they would make more sales if you could buy all the 7" singles as a package without the CDs. They have reissued the CDs three times now?
Can't wait for the next five.