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Re: Felt re-releases

Did Cherry Red bring the release date forwards too? I had these down for being out in March.

I've got real mixed feelings about these now. £60 seems like a huge amount of money to spend on two albums that I already have. How much more might I enjoy them than I do already?

I agree with not being fussed about badges and posters, and the sudden increase in price doesn't sit well with me either.

Having the 7" combined with the CD seems odd - I know you can't please all the people all the time, but standard CD re-issues of the remastered albums, and a separate CD compilation of the 7" tracks would have worked well for me, or the option to buy the albums and singles as vinyl.

Does anyone on here know how many are being pressed? Surely this is quite a niche market by now, no matter how impressive the remastering and packaging might be. I'm considering selling off my Cherry Red generic CD of Crumbling/Splendour to raise funds to reinvest - the Used marketplace on Amazon suggests it'll be a good start if I can attract a buyer (although maybe now interest will cool due to the new versions)

Re: Felt re-releases

I got CD sets of the first four albums (always found Let The Snakes.. to be a slight album, substance and length-wise, so passed on that). As others here and elsewhere have been saying, it's the 'new' version of Ignite The Seven Cannons that holds the most interest. It's lovely to finally be able to hear some of Maurice Deebank's guitar parts more clearly. After Primitive Painters and Elegance Of An Only Dream, The Day The Rain Came Down is my favourite on there, and with the Guthrie veil lifted you can finally properly hear Maurice's beautifully light and fluid playing on the verse parts. Smashing!

Re: Felt re-releases

Just been looking at the reviews of the re-issues on Amazon, bearing in mind we're a loyal fanbase and I doubt many of the comments are by new converts, the reviews are terrible, 2 out of 5 seems to be the norm for the packaging and the prices haven't dropped yet from the ridiculous near £30 just yet! I'll stick to my old copies and the cracking new Go Kart Mozart cd. If anyone's interested someone's offering Goldmine Trash Cd for £104, roll up!