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Go-Kart Mozart - BBC Radio 6 Session 12/02/2018

Just found out GKM did a session for Marc Riley on Radio 6 on Monday, and an extra session song on Gideon Coe's show just after. Thankfully it is available to stream online:

Marc Riley 12/02/2018


0:21:35 - Anagram of We Sold Apes / Zelda's In The Spotlight / Knickers On The Line By 3 Chord Fraud (Medley)
0:48:00 - Relative Poverty
0:59:35 - Chromium Plated We're So Elated

Gideon Coe 12/02/2018


2:50:20 - A Black Hood On His Head

(Skip to the times shown for each song)

Lawrence mentions that there will be a new mini-album coming out in September. I've got a copy of the new CD and the booklet makes mention of a 10 track 12" extended play with a possible title of "Poundland & The Possibilities of Modern Shopping". The booklet also says - Available Soon: A Remixed & Remodelled BRUM 2 on Vinyl (Tearing Up The Album Chart).

Re: Go-Kart Mozart - BBC Radio 6 Session 12/02/2018

Thanks for the links! Is there a way to download these two sessions or are they streaming only?