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Re: Meet the band...Mick Lloyd

Hi Phil - this is the first I've known of your involvement with Felt and I've been a fan for most of my life - I know there are certain people out there who would be interested in getting in touch - are you on facebook or do you have an email?

Re: Meet the band...Mick Lloyd

Hi Phil, it's very nice to get in touch with you.

I'll second Lee's point of view.

I'd like to hear your stories, and I know Felt fans too.
If you want, you can write an article and I can publish it in the Articles session and also share your story on Facebook.
Or if you have a FB page or so, you can publish it and I can share it.

This is a typical case of whenever god closes a door, somewhere he opens
a window. And thanks to Mick.

Welcome Phil!