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Meet the band...Mick Lloyd

Hi - sadly I am posying this after hearing of Mick Lloyds untimely death. I was sorry to hear this as he was a nice fella. Also just to say that I deputised for Mick in, I think, 1982 for a visit to Oslo which Mick couldn't do as ill. I therefore was briefly a member of Felt, Very happy days for me and I'd be happy to share my experience if anyone was at all interested. My experience of Lawrence wasn't at all like I've read elsewhere. Utterly friendly and charming as was Maurice (who I shared rooms with) and Gary

RIP Mick Lloyd though - bloody sad

Phil x

Re: Meet the band...Mick Lloyd

Hi Phil - this is the first I've known of your involvement with Felt and I've been a fan for most of my life - I know there are certain people out there who would be interested in getting in touch - are you on facebook or do you have an email?

Re: Meet the band...Mick Lloyd

Hi Phil, it's very nice to get in touch with you.

I'll second Lee's point of view.

I'd like to hear your stories, and I know Felt fans too.
If you want, you can write an article and I can publish it in the Articles session and also share your story on Facebook.
Or if you have a FB page or so, you can publish it and I can share it.

This is a typical case of whenever god closes a door, somewhere he opens
a window. And thanks to Mick.

Welcome Phil!