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Lawrence Of Belgravia film

Those of you who ordered the film from heavenly films https://heavenlyfilms.greedbag.com/buy/lawrence-of-belgravia-dvd/

Has the DVD arrived yet? Was there any problems with the ordering?

Re: Lawrence Of Belgravia film

I received my dvd today. I had no problem with ordering and having it shipped to the west coast of the US.

Re: Lawrence Of Belgravia film

Thanks for the reply.

I live in Sweden and since the site didn't look very good I thought I'd ask. But I got my dispatch mail som days ago, so it seems to be on its way! :)

Re: Lawrence Of Belgravia film

My order arrived to Portugal 2 days ago.

Re: Lawrence Of Belgravia film

I got it a few days (maybe a week) after my last post, it worked just fine.

btw I really liked the film, paul did a great job!