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Re: Felt 1984 Arkain Filloux bootleg

I've bought other A. F. bootlegs through ebay, from a seller called thiscorrosion... They sell lots of boots on differently named labels, all on coloured vinyl, supposedly from Italy or Belgium. From the similarities of pressing and packaging and distribution they all seem to come from from the same origin probably in California. I never saw a Felt release from them so far.

Re: Felt 1984 Arkain Filloux bootleg

Thanks for the tip.
I'm trying to get to the source.
I've the suspition that this album doesn't exist. Felt demos tapes? huuummm.
And the track names are really another mistery.

Re: Felt 1984 Arkain Filloux bootleg

I just checked on discogs and the user who made the submission only did this one. No activity from him before or after that. So it could be a prank or the bootleggers wanted to check if there's a market for a felt bootleg But it sure looks suspicious.
I still think the label is italian because the two biggest sellers on discogs are italians

Re: Felt 1984 Arkain Filloux bootleg

I totally agree with you.
It's only mentioned in Discogs...and the name of the tracks doesn't check with the original tracks and also, Lawrence had a total control over the masters and demos.