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Hi all - I taped 2 Felt shows - at the Electric Ballroom surprise support for The Smiths 19/12/83 and the final concert at Burberries. No idea how to upload/share them but anyone interested?

Re: Bootlegs

Hi David
I'm interested! There is a recording of the final show at Burberries doing the rounds already, but I'd be interested to hear yours in case it improves on the quality.
I was also there and, in fact, attempted my own recording, but it was awful!

I don't know whether this helps, but www.guitars101.com, a great bootleg site, seem to use this site for uploading/downloading:


Rui, is this okay to post? If not, please remove.


Re: Bootlegs

Hi - give me a bit of time and I'll sort it and let you know. I've heard the other Burberries one and it is different.

Re: Bootlegs

Hi - I have uploaded my own audience tape of Felt Electric Ballroom 19 December 1983. They supported The Smiths with Red Guitars also supporting. Felt were a late support change so was a real surprise when they went on stage.


1: Roman Litter
2: Whirlpool Vision Of Shame
3: Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow
4: Cathedral
5: Penelope Tree
6: Dismantled King Is Off The Throne
7: Mexican Bandits

Maybe you've not heard this before and I guess it's ok to share now after 32 years!!! so enjoy


Re: Bootlegs



Re: Bootlegs

Nice one David!
Not bad quality for all those years ago.

Cough...Burberries...Cough :)

Re: Bootlegs

The Burberries set (and other goodies) can be found here:


Re: Bootlegs

Hi Paul, how are you?
Thanks for asking, but there's no problem. Please share and spread the word out.

I'm collecting and organizing some of my bootlegs and one of these days, I'll be sharing them too!

Thanks for sharing David!