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Lawrence Of Olympia

Here's a great tale for you guys,
Today, whilst walking around Olympia Record Fair in London, would you believe I came across Lawrence, who had his own stall selling his own records. He said he had to sell them as he was a bit strapped for cash. As a long, long-term fan, I was gobsmacked. We had a great twenty-odd minute chat, as his stall was pretty quiet, and we talked about a number of things...Elizabeth Fraser, record fairs, Meltdown Festival and other stuff. A really genuine, lovelier guy you could not wish to meet. But the main bits you would be interested in are these;
'Lawrence Of Belgravia' is ready to be released as a 2000-limited edition DVD in the next couple of months.
The new album is recorded and is an extended version of the Mini-mart Lp that was supposed to see the light of day a few years back. Its being mastered at present.
He will return to gigging next year too. Also I told him about this forum and Rui's website and he said that he had met Rui once in Madrid? He was very interested in it and said that he finally realised that he had to embrace the internet to get his music out to people. He said he has a webpage organised and ready to go but had no one to host and look after it for him, and I did suggest that maybe Rui would like to be involved, to which he was really keen. So I told him to get someone to get in touch with Rui. Perhaps Rui, if you read this, you should try to get hold of his management company if you're interested?
The best bit for myself was that he said if I buy one of his records, he would give me something special, so I bought his copy of The Slits 'Bootleg Retrospective' album. He went through about five carrier bags and finally came back with a business card that said 'YES. I MET LAWRENCE'. And he'd signed it on the back. We shook hands and I told him to look after himself.

Re: Lawrence Of Olympia

This is really a great tale, indeed!

But, 'Lawrence Of Belgravia' to be released as a 2000-limited edition DVD? Not Blu Ray? Argghhh....

Re: Lawrence Of Olympia

Heavenly just annonced it on Facebook ! No date yet.

Re: Lawrence Of Olympia

@Les Bluray ? Why not netflix ?

Tor Samuel Webster : "So good! Although I now don't own a dvd player. Will they be putting it on Netflix?"

Heavenly Films : "We had a hard enough time talking Lawrence out of VHS."

Re: Lawrence Of Olympia

Hi Andy & all!
What a wonderfull story and memorabillia. You won't forget this for the rest of your life (unless you get Alzheimer).

In fact I met Lawrence in Madrid, but before (9 years ago) in Paris at La fleche d'Ór...Jarvis Cocker and Phill King DJ'ing. I remenber talking with the band and asking if Lawrence didn't have an agent or something and Gary Ainge LOL'ing in my face, like if I just have said the greater impossibility in the world

About the site. Lawrence asked were did I harvested all the information but back then he wasn't not to interested.

Lawrence is a lovely person to meet, but I don't know if he's too serious about this site thing...probably it's just whishful thinking. He knows "where I live" and how to get in touch. I'm always in touch with Phil King...so it's quite easy.

But hey! always glad to help.

Many thanks for sharing Andy

Re: Lawrence Of Olympia

Precious!!! marvellous quotation!

"We had a hard enough time talking Lawrence out of VHS"