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Interesting links!


The Uncut article on Primitive Painters:

Uncut Magazine (July, 24th 2015): An interview with Lawrence: “‘Primitive Painters’ was this great big statement, Felt were going to be massive."

Sapphire Mansions by Sapphire Mansions

(sounds like Felt, tastes like Felt, seems like Felt...but it isn't Felt)

A Martin Duffy solo album

Re: Interesting links!

From the Uncut magazine Lawrence interview:

"Over the years I’ve collected some of the master tapes and on the reissues that are coming out, I’ve tried to extract the Cocteau Twins from my record."

Is this for real? New reissues including a remastered version of Ignite The Seven Cannons with a sound more faithful to what the record could or should have been?

Sounds like a dream come true!

Re: Interesting links!

huuuumm, I doubt it.

Anyway, I'm not a big fan of remixes and I like ItSC just like it is. It's a part of Felt history. As mentioned in the interview, if Robin didn't produce the album, Liz Fraser would have never sung Primitive Painters....and would it be another story.

Re: Interesting links!

At the end of the uncut article it says that "Lawrence is remastering Felt's back catalog fo future release." It doesn't mean it will be available soon though since I've already heard that rumour 3 years ago. I don't know what to think about Lawrence "remastering" everything given that he had always complained about the sound of almost every Felt releases...