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Re: Live recording of 1988 Portugal gig available

Here's the documentation on that gig from this 'ere site.....

Teatro Rivoli, Porto, Portugal - 1 April 1988 (56:48)
The old man down the road (John Fogerty's cover)
Walking under a spell (Weather prophets cover, from the lp "Mayflower")
Grey streets
I'll die with my head in flames
Stained-glass windows in the sky
She lives by the castle
Ape hangers
Tuesday's secret
How spook got her man
Don't die on my doorstep
Primitive painters

Outdoor Miner (Wire's cover)
Bitter end
The final resting of the ark
Sapphire mansions
The old man down the road (John Fogerty's cover) (reprise)
Primitive painters (reprise)
Note: Pop dell'arte was the support band. There's a bootleg cd of this show called "Felt April 1, 1988" with an incomplete tracklist and some catalogued pictures.