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Marco Thomas new project: Filmonics

Do you remember MARCO THOMAS?

In 2005 formed the San Remo record label after discovery of singer/songwriter Scott Matthews.

Released an album by psychedelic pop outfit 'The Junipers' in 2008.

July 2014 sees the release of an instrumental album he's made with Martin Davies (from Fly) called 'Future Forest' going under the name 'FILMONICS'
Filmonics album is now available from the San Remo Records website (http://sanremorecords.com/artists/filmonics/)

Filmonics are presenting the album at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton, UK - 14th November 2014 (http://www.newhamptonarts.co.uk/filmonics-fri-14th-november/)

You can glimpse them in https://soundcloud.com/filmonics and you can tweet them @Filmonics (Twitter)

And here's the rest of the best: I arranged a Q&A with Marco, opened to all you Felt/Fly/Filmonics fans!!!
In September I'll keep you posted, just keep an eye at the Felt tribute site.


Re: Marco Thomas new project: Filmonics

I like the sound.

May try and get to the gig - I live very close to the venue too!