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Lawrence talking shirts!

Brief interviews with a number of familiar names (Lawrence, Paul Kelly, Phil King, Pete Astor) on sartorial elegance here! http://www.saatchigallery.com/artandmusic/?ccid=314&cid=150&from_cid=150

Re: Lawrence talking shirts!

What gets me about a lot of articles I read is how they make sweeping statements without checking the facts. This review is no exception - check the sentence.....

"his earlier, hugely influential band Felt released an album in every year of the 1980s"

Erm - there were no Felt albums released in 1980, 1982 or 1983.

This review on "Inner Thought Zone" showcases two examples of this:

"Lawrence sang, but notoriously sat out for instrumentals"

"Deebank performed on Felt’s first four albums and all but the very first single"

These erroneous statements are addressed in the comments below the article.


If I'm not 100% sure on my facts when I write an article I take the time to research it - if the knowledge doesn't become available I simply leave that disputed fact out. The problem with half-arsed research is that it can so easily become gospel later.

Don't wanna sound preachy but it's a bit of a bugbear of mine - hope ya understand.

Re: Lawrence talking shirts!

Wonder if the Deebank article writer is amending his piece - it's been taken down.

Re: Lawrence talking shirts!

It isn't just a review - it's LINER NOTES apparently!

Google cache of the article.

Twas my comment above yours.

Not to detract from Maurice's fine album.

Re: Lawrence talking shirts!

Well - if they're the liner notes for the actual album - wonder if he's credited the article which originally provided the quote mentioned here.....

"the titles and the sleeves were awful! Hideous! I said to Gary Ainge, 'Should we help him…? Let's just let him spoil everything.'”

It came from this article in 2003 - just below the "Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty" sleeve - and yes I wrote it - I won't hold my breath (and Perfect Sound Forever's) for a credit somehow.....