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1989 Articles about Felt

I'm interested in finding articles about Felt published in 1989 (I have vague memories of reading one at the time, which kindled my interest in the band). In the Articles section there's a list of their news appearances ("Felt on the news"). Here's what's listed:

NME (11/11/1989). So farewell then, Felt
Sounds (16/12/89) - Monkey off his back
Melody Maker (1989) - Too much monkey business. Article on Felt

I'm not sure if all of these are actual articles and not just news items. I know the third is a full article, written by Bob Stanley.

Can anybody provide scans of these?


Re: 1989 Articles about Felt

So a quick search supplied a scan of the first article, which turns out to be just a news item: