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Re: On The Hot Dog Streets/ Denim Take Over

Here you go:


Not the best quality, but certainly better than the one in the flash video

Been listening to this song on the internet in post-punk cassette quality for ages. This is a rare treat. Thank you.

Re: On The Hot Dog Streets/ Denim Take Over

I got DTO here, a couple of threads down (thanks!). The tracklisting:

Island in the Sun
Delta Echo *
Lorra Laughs, Cilla *
Denim Take Over
West Brom Blues
Olly Olly
Transgressions *
City Centre *
Synth Wizard
Robot Voice
City of the Dead
Men Look at Women

Tracks marked with an asterisk appeared, in one way or another, on Tearing Up the Album Charts. The rest are on the new album.

Compared to the other Denim recordings I'd guess these were demos.