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Re: felt products

Hi Rui
Thanks for your message and your link,but I have found the hats which I was looking for in the site www.ecohands.org
In this site there is really a beautiful collection of trendy hats,I just loved that not only that there are another beautiful felt products too.


Re: felt products

Hi Rashmi,

I'm so glad to hear that you finally found the Felt hats you were looking for!

Here at Felt Forum we would very much like to see a picture of you with one of the new hats.

In that way our misconceptions about Felt could be cleared up.

Besides, we are looking for a new model to replace the model (Lawrence) you have seen wearing our products. He is extremely choosy and is more and more into synthetic fabrics and, to be frank, rather daring outfits. For instance, check this:


So please post a link to a photo of the behatted Rashmi!

Kind regards,

Re: felt products

hi anders
glad to receive your message.I have not received my hats yet,by tomorrow I am supposed to get that.As soon as I get my hats from "www.ecohands.org" I'll post the pictures of hats but not mine as I,m not interested in modeling.


Re: felt products

Hi Anders
here is the link of that hat which I bought from The site www.ecohands.org


It is really beautiful I just loved it and this felt hat is not expensive but the quality and design is really great.