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Denim on Ch4 Popadoodledandy

Did anyone see Denim last night on Vic & Bob's ill-fated 90's Channel 4 pop programme pilot Popadoodledandy??! I couldn't believe it, twas a brill performance with Lawrence looking great! I won't spoil it for you but Our Hero even gets dragged (coerced is nearer the mark) into V & B's zany antics. Very funny + I'm sure they were goaded further by Lawrence's ever deadpan demeanour.

Re: Denim on Ch4 Popadoodledandy

I recorded it out of curiosity and was amazed to see Denim turn up as I never even knew of the existence of this TV performance! Anyway, it's already been posted to Youtube

Re: Denim on Ch4 Popadoodledandy

Great stuff thanx for link

Re: Denim on Ch4 Popadoodledandy

What a great finding! Lawrence's fans recalls me Doozers (from Jim Henson's Fraggle rock) diggin' for treasures.(I know, I know, the doozers didn't dig up, they build, I know)

Here's the entire show:


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