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Reviews of Hot Dog Streets

Maybe we could post reviews of OTHDS on this thread?

There's a great one in The Guardian today, albeit with a few ****ty comments after...


Re: Reviews of Hot Dog Streets

Good idea. Here's one from the BBC:


Re: Reviews of Hot Dog Streets

The Indy chips in with a 4/5 although its so short I almost missed it:


Re: Reviews of Hot Dog Streets

Exhaustive review here (although the author seems to think On The Hot Dog Streets is a cry for help):


Also, an interesting comment from Bobby re Luke Haines v Lawrence.

Re: Reviews of Hot Dog Streets

Whoops! Wrong link: http://thequietus.com/articles/09403-go-kart-mozart-on-the-hot-dog-streets-review

Re: Reviews of Hot Dog Streets

Well, Luke Haines doesn't think so!

Okay review, I supose. Thanks for tip.