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Ten albums & ten singles in ten years

I know that someone touched upon this in Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango but when did the 10 + 10 in 10 'masterplan' first get mentioned? I only ask because I remember watching and videoing an indie music programme in the 1980s. It was shown on Central at about 2:30 in the morning and was called Rockin' The UK or something. One episode had a Creation special, which had McGee introducing the main artists on the label at that time. So we had the dubious delights of The Jazz Butcher and The Weather Prophets but, on the plus side, Felt. (Alan McGee said something like 'and we have Felt who are led by a madman called Lawrence'.) Some horrible kids TV/ Pebble Mill presenter interviewed Lawrence (who, incidentally, looked brilliant in a leather cap and garish C&W type shirt), asking some horrible inane questions like 'do you have to have a sense of humour to be in a band?'. I remember that question in particular because Lawrence just stared at him with contempt and muttered 'no'. Anyway, the reason I mention this is that Lawrence went on to talk about his masterplan for Felt which involved making 30 albums in 30 years. The programme/ interview was obviously little seen (I've unfortunately lost my copy) and it never seems to have been mentioned since. Was the 10 +10 plan only mentioned before the release of MAAMOTM or had it been bandied about prior to that? Just wondering like.

Re: Ten albums & ten singles in ten years

If you include Index as a single which does carry the Felt name them its 11 singles released in total anyway. Didn't Lawrence later in some year end interview claim that he'd made up the plan anyway after they'd split. Still its a great idea anyway.

I also liked the fact all albums had a 'the' in the title but none of the compilations had any at all. Its the small details that make them special.

Re: Ten albums & ten singles in ten years

.....talking of TV in the middle of the night I was told by a friend in late '88 that he'd seen the video to 'Space Blues' on Night Network (remember that programme ?). As the years have elapsed nobody has ever mentioned a video actually being made for this so was wondering if anyone could confirm either way. I assume it's probably not.

Steve B