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Denim Article from Select 93

Hi, I thought might be interested in this. Someone posted it on Bar Italia, the Pulp forum, because of the Jarvis interview, but seeing as the Denim interview was scanned on the same page I thought post it up for all you Lawrence fans!


Re: Denim Article from Select 93

You beat me to it, I was going to post a link towards this as well. Here are all the pages with Denim articles...


Re: Denim Article from Select 93

When I spoke to Lawrence in May of 2009, I asked him who was the girl in the cool rain coat singing background vocals when Denim played on the Jools Holland show in the early 90’s. He said that she was a mate’s girlfriend and that the raincoat she was wearing was in fact his. In reading this article I see her name is Siobhan.