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Felt to reunite!

Well, almost.


Nice to see tickets are at a suitably 80s price too

Re: Felt to reunite!

It would be interesting to see which members of Felt attend. Lawrence (obviously) and Gary would be more than likely, but who else I wonder?

Re: Felt to reunite!

I'm a tad confused; what date is it on? Rough Trade have the book as being released on 3rd March (a Saturday) but the signing on Friday(!?) 3rd February (for a book that's being released for another month).

I bet Phil King will show up, although I don't really count him as a proper Felt person.

Re: Felt to reunite!

Ooh! A tad unfair on Phil King seeing as he was an integral member of Felt at one time. It's definitely on Friday 3rd Feb.
Roll on Feb!

Re: Felt to reunite!

Yes it is unfair - Phil may not have recorded with Felt but he played live on many occasions - including the "A Declaration" live DVD. One of the band live photos was taken outside his house - and of course he was in the "Primitive Painters" video.

I can confirm Phil will be there - and he's DJing too.

Re: Felt to reunite!

Could someone try and record this?

Re: Felt to reunite!

Hi everybody

Got the confirmation:
The books are almost ready, needing numbering and Lawrence's signature.
"They should be delivered to all the people that pre-ordered it at the end of the month or early february".

And February 3rd definitively at Rough Trade!! get your camera and record the event. I'm stuck in fu**ing Portugal, guys. Let's get multimedia in here and share.

I'll try to check who's going, besides Lawrence and Phil.


Re: Felt to reunite!

Yes, those lucky ones who are going on Feb 2, please record videos/take photos for us! Wish I could go....!

Re: Felt to reunite!

Cheers Rui!

Can you get the book on the RT night or is it best to pre-order (i.e. Are they likely to sell out before the event)?

Many thanks,
a fuzzy Felt fan

Re: Felt to reunite!

I had a message from First Third Books saying that there'll be loads of copies for sale at Rough Trade launch

Re: Felt to reunite!

Has anyone received their book yet? I had an e-mail a few weeks back saying it was to be shipped in a couple of weeks.

I was presuming this to mean I'd get it before the book signing but their website says it's at 61% ready for shipping.

I'm buggered if I'm buying another book at the Felt night seeing as it is so expensive