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Re: Felt Card Sleeve Re-Issues Question

serpent shade

Congrats! I've got them all except Poem of the River and Splendour of Fear now.
My card sleeve Pictorial Jackson Review is the mis-pressed version where half the track list is in fact Train Above the City! Thinking of buying myself a correct version... Or maybe I should just contact Cherry Red about this?

Hope my Pictorial Jackson Review has the right tracks. You should contact Cherry Red about yours, they should provide a fixed one. Happy Xmas.

Re: Felt Card Sleeve Re-Issues Question

I've got 8 of them now! apart from Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty and Me and A Monkey which I already have in jewel case.


Re: Felt Card Sleeve Re-Issues Question

I had one of those strange Pictorial CDs. I swapped it with Lawrence for a normal one.

The first couple of issues of "The Splendour Of Fear" had track splitting problems - ie "Red Indians" and ".....Soft As Lace" were on the same track and The Optimist....." was split in half. I was reviewing the reissues in 2003 and had a couple of test pressings - and the test pressing of "Splendour" had the same fault - ie - the test pressings were merely burns of previous issues. I called Cherry Red about this and they sorted the problem for the card reissue. Lawrence was grateful!