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Re: Baby diagnosed at 24 weeks pregnant with a VSD heart defect.

some close and some don't.. a good cardiologist will be able to tell you with a degree of certainty. It mostly depends upon where the VSD is located and how big it is. From what I am told holes in the muscular part are more likely to close when they are small to moderate in size. The hole does not need to close completely it just needs to get to the size where it will not pose a problem. I was born in the 70's with a VSD and had it surgically repaired, I still have a small hole and I am doing great since I had the repair at at about one year. The dr's were waiting to see if it would close or not. Thankfully today the wait is not that long, Dr's know sooner if it will spontaneously close. Since my surgery was delayed I am way shorter than I was supposed to be. Good Luck and I am hoping for the best for you. Please keep in mind many babies born with holes weather they need surgery or not, do really well with no restrictions from activity and grow to be productive adults with full lives.

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