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Re: Re: Re: Adult with CHD

I would like to add some comments. I too am a Tetrology of Fallot baby, however I am soon to be 45 years old. I had my first surgery in 1969 which was truly an experimental surgery. At that time they repaired my VSD and placed a stint in my pulmonary valve. I had to have the VSD repaired again, when I was 8 and then @ age 31. I also had the aortic over-ride and VSD rapaired following a stroke (which I have recovered)from a clot that resulted from the VSD @ that time. Currently my pulmonary stenosis has increased and I will have to have this taken care of again in the near future. I am a registered nurse and I lead an active life. I have 3 children via c-sections and intend to be one of the oldest adults with a congenital heart disease. I recommend regular check ups with your cardiologist, (I see mine every 6 months) annual echocardiograms, no smoking or illicet drugs, moderate exercise and maintain your ideal weight. I wish you all the best and have found, my determination has brought me far in life. Sincerly, danette

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